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The bracelet, the essential accessory to complete your outfit.
Heliboo loves bracelets and shares its passion with you by offering you a wide range, for all tastes, for all budgets and for all occasions, whether for the day, the evening, outings, parties, sports. summer, … and for all wrists.

In the shop you will generally findfancy steel bracelets, whether silver, gold or rose gold, the steel bracelet retains a good hold despite the weather, and can be worn every day. Heliboo unearths them with great care to please you: fine chains adorned with stones, rhinestones, charms, pretty pendants in various shapes (circles, diamonds, moons, prints, infinities or animals); simple rushes adorned with colored pearls, or other finely chiselled ones and finally very pretty cuffs, simple or cut out of lace.

In the range of fancy bracelets, Heliboo also offers a mini selection of bangle and colored bracelets, sometimes multi-row.

Finally, in small, inexpensive and always very trendy bracelets, Heliboo offers you elastic bracelets with silver prints in various shapes, as well as Brazilian-style bracelets for the summer. These are one-season bracelets.
All these pretty fancy bracelets can be worn alone or layered with others to always be in the latest fashion.

When it comes tochoosing your bracelet, a large bangle can easily dress up your outfit on its own. She doesn’t need a lot of other jewelry or a cluttered outfit to look her best. It can be worn with an evening dress, for example. On the other hand, the small thin bracelets can be worn alone, or accompanied by other bracelets according to your desires. It is even quite possible to mix the gold and silver color, a fashion very popular in recent years.

For more chic occasions, you will find bracelets in gold plated or rhodium silver in the Heliboo store, for your more sophisticated outfits or your evenings, or simply to offer, they are indeed a nice gift that is always very appreciated. These jewels are of course a little more expensive but the investment is really worth it because you will keep them much longer than traditional costume jewellery.

When you visit the Heliboo store, the dimensions of the bracelets are indicated each time, as well as Julie’s advice, which strives to offer a choice for both thinner and stronger wrists. Finally, some bracelets are so small and so thin that they can be very suitable for little girls, and there is also the children’s section which includes bracelets with little cats, for example.

Whether you choose a fancy bracelet or a bracelet in rhodium or gold-plated silver, I advise you not to play sports with it and to avoid washing yourself or using harsh products or perfumes. Also avoid storing your jewelry loose, in the bottom of a drawer, which could damage them. Choose a small organza-type pouch or storage box to extend the life of your treasure as much as possible. I also offer some tips for maintaining your costume jewelry on the blog.