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And why not a pretty ring to enhance your hand?
Did you know that the ring is one of the oldest jewels that can exist? The first date back to prehistoric times and were made of ivory or bone and served both as ornaments and as currency. Interesting no?
Later, the ring became the hallmark of chiefs and the more affluent, the richer one was and the more the hands were covered with rings or signet rings.

Today the ring is a pretty piece of jewelery for everyday use and for all occasions, accessible to everyone. It is also a pledge of friendship and above all the symbol of true love, we offer an engagement ring and not another jewel and we exchange alliances at weddings.
But you don’t have to wait until then to be able to wear a pretty ring, and Heliboo has understood this and goes out of its way to find you some.

All the difficulty lies in the size of the ring, indeed all the hands are very different: some with long and thin fingers, others shorter or even stronger… Heliboo tries to meet everyone’s requests by offering you a choice ranging from thin single, double or worked rings to wider ones, and some rings are adjustable.
The few models presented on the e-shop are chosen with particular attention according to trends but also to seasons or occasions such as the starry rings rather reserved for the end of year celebrations, but of course you can wear them. at other times, it’s all a matter of desire.
You will therefore find patterns in laurel wreaths, stars, inlaid arrows, or pretty woven rings in pretty colors, red, blue, or white on silver, gold or rose gold steel bases.

Many others will soon come to expand the current collection, in terms of jewelry we always discover new ones.

The rings can be worn alone or in layers according to your desires.

So have fun!