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A scented candle for a moment of well-being.
What could be more comforting than lighting a candle to warm up your interior during a long evening. The candle is the essential decorative accessory for a cocooning moment. Sit on your sofa on an autumn day, under a big plaid, a book in your hand, a cup of your favorite hot drink on the coffee table and let yourself be carried away by delicious fragrances chosen in depending on your mood.

The candle, scented or not, contributes to the famous Danish recipe for happiness, Hygge. Placed on a table during a delicious meal with friends, recharge your batteries when it’s snowing outside. Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world.
Candles yes, but 100% natural with Soy wax.
This is the choice made by the Heliboo eshop before offering you this product. Natural and local. The candles are handmade in Brabant Wallon. A Yoku candle does not emit any toxic substance, unlike paraffin which is used for industrial candles and which releases chemical compounds that are bad for your health. The fragrances are guaranteed free of phthalates and CMR substances (carcinogenic – mutagenic – toxic) in order to make the candle as natural as possible.
Fragrances, for a moment of escape.
The fragrances offered on the eshop will evolve with the seasons and your desires. Sagewood, An excellent blend of wood, salt, spice and sweetness. The gingerbread candle is the perfect scent of gingerbread to light up your winter evenings! To refresh your interior, opt for the pear and freesia candle. A note of pear accompanied by freesia and base notes of patchouli to create this pure and fresh candle.
A gift idea that always pleases!
You are invited to a dinner, a birthday or just to pay a little attention to one of your loved ones? Do you want to add a little extra to your already prepared gift, or associate it with your bouquet of flowers or box of pralines? The candle is the ideal gift that always pleases.