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Choose a necklace to complete her look.
Do you like necklaces? Heliboo will make you happy ! There is something for everyone, for all ages and for all budgets. There are necklaces to match with your outfits and change throughout the week and year. Timeless, trendy or seasonal necklaces.

In silver, gold or rose gold steel for the smallest budgets, the choice of necklaces is vast among the favorites: from the simple choker to the multi-row necklace, through mid-length necklaces and long necklaces, each necklace is selected for you, with a very sure taste by Julie. Between the very trendy wind rose, the heart for eternal lovers, the very bright light-catching pellets, the circles, the stars, the infinities, and many more, you won’t know which one you’ll fall for… and why not for several? given their price you can spoil yourself and match them with all your outfits.

And then there are the original Heliboo creations, each necklace is unique, made with great care according to the momentary inspiration, current fashion and the seasons. Do you want a particular model, a shape, a length, a different color? Heliboo will make every effort to try to satisfy you.
For your comfort, Heliboo always chooses materials without zinc or nickelwhich should make you forget the allergy problems that you usually encounter with costume jewellery.

Don’t like fancy jewelry? Or you want to offer a valuable gift without having the means to push the door of a jewelry store… Heliboo has also thought of you and has recently added to its range of necklaces in rhodium silver or gold plated, at prices that are certainly a little higher but nevertheless still reasonable. These pretty jewels will have a much longer lifespan than costume jewellery. Finally, a little extra attention, you can often find the bracelet matching your necklace and sometimes even earrings.

Finally, Heliboo also had to think about children with its brand new collection dedicated to them. Pretty little silver necklaces adorned with pendants in the shape of very friendly animals such as ladybugs, bear cubs, or elephants. Your little princess will have stars in her eyes, guaranteed effect!

In short, we are sure, you will easily find what you are looking for by browsing the store’s website or by coming to meet us at one of the events in which we participate throughout the year.