An outfit is never totaly complete withour its final touch : the jewel(s).

Whether it’s a casual or evening look, an outing with friends or a professional evening, it is always pleasant to coordinate your outfit with your jewelry, fashion or not, the benefit of a fashion jewelry is, given its low price, being able to change it to the rhythm of your mood and to collect different styles.
Heliboo has understood this well and offers you fashion jewelery for all styles : bracelets, necklaces, studs or earrings, bangles, rings, etc.

Whether you like colorful or simpler rather premium jewellery, at Heliboo there is something for all tastes and all budgets. Some are seasonal fashion jewellery, such as small Brazilian bracelets. Others are stainless steel and can be worn every day. Finally, for those who prefer premium jewellery, without breaking the bank, we offer a selection in gold plated and rhodium silver, more discreet but refined and elegant while remaining in the trend of the moment.

We dare to mix materials and colors. It is also very trendy to mix silver and gold, to mismatch a pair of earrings, be creative to compose the look that seems the most appropriate to you, whether graphic, geometric, bohemian chic or classic. With the wide choice offered on the eshop, there is enough for your imagination.

Heliboo has also selected some “basics”, timeless jewels that fit with everything. And can also be offered, without any risk of deceiving you.

On the website, there are two categories: original Heliboo creations and favourites.
The creations are designed and assembled here in Belgium. These are generally fashion earrings, long necklaces.
The favorites are jewels selected in small quantities from our suppliers. They perfectly complement the collection and can sometimes be diverted and customized to turn into original pieces. The jewles on the eshop are of course nickel-free and anti-allergic

Heliboo creations can also be the result of personalized orders.

Heliboo takes care of completing your look and your style by offering you a wide range of jewelry without moving from your couch. Based in Belgium, Heliboo delivers (for now) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.

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