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The earrings? This is THE specialty of Heliboo!
There is something for all styles, all tastes and all occasions: studs, pendants, small, XL, sleepers, pompoms, romantic, bohemian, classic, trendy,…
And in all materials, such as brass, stainless steel, rhodium silver and gold plating. All of course without nickel and therefore anti-allergic.

These little “things” can add the final touch to your style, such as when you opt for an oversized or very colorful model. They combine very easily with other fashion accessories or jewelry. They can also be very discreet and be worn every day, associated with your favorite necklace or bracelet. Finally last trend, it is fashionable to mismatch your earrings or even to wear several at the same time.
But how to choose your pair of earrings?
We all have different face shapes, skin tones, and haircuts that are unique to us. To make sure you look good and choose the pair of earrings that suits you best, I give you tips and tricks in this article to better decipher the codes. Of course these keys are not absolute rules and the important thing is to choose a pair that you like, to feel good and beautiful above all. You can also let yourself be tempted by the “Must-Have” of the moment or a more classic model to wear all year round, the goal is to make you happy.

Do you dream of adopting the “bohemian chic” and “coachella” trend? On Heliboo this is no problem, I offer you a wide selection of earrings adorned with tassels, other oversized and detailed, colorful, dream catchers, ears of wheat, vegetal, floral, and in a spirit of trend very appreciated with the beautiful season. These earrings are generally original creations, imagined and assembled in the Heliboo workshop in Belgium. The materials used are unearthed in Belgium and France and sometimes are even salvaged items to give a second life to an old forgotten jewel.
And if you find it hard to let go of your child’s soul , I offer you a favorite series of earrings for the youngest but which can of course be worn at any age.
Even if it’s fancy ear jewelry, I still advise you to take care of your earrings, avoiding storing them loose in the bottom of a drawer to avoid crumpling the flakes by example. I also advise against storing them in a humid place like a bathroom because they could oxidize very quickly.
Finally, be aware that even if it is pleasant to use wall-mounted jewelry holders to store your curls, light is not their best ally. It is therefore preferable to store them separately in small cotton pouches, also available in your store.