The great return of Heliboo private sales – 2024

The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 1

Good news, finally… Great news! After two years of forced break, then the smooth resumption of events, pop-up stores, new points of sale,… And above all, the creation of the new line of plexi earrings created and imagined entirely in Belgium. Heliboo private sales will finally be able to resume.

I’m back in shape, but with a few changes. And yes, because I took the time to better develop the eshop and the concept of private sales. And above all I have great news for the 2024 private sales, I will no longer be alone! I am teaming up with Caelina who will be present with her magnificent scarves totally designed, sewn and printed in Belgium. 2 Belgian eshops, privatized for a few hours, just for you!

The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 2
The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 3
Excerpt from the shooting of the new collection of Heliboo earrings and Caelina scarves.

So, to better prepare for your personalized shopping moment:

  • I will only be able to organize one or two sales max per month. It is therefore important to take the time together and in advance to find the schedule that suits you best. For the moment I am also staying in the region of Gembloux and surrounding areas, Sombreffe and Sambreville.
  • Some of the items offered will no longer be available directly on site (orders taken and short waiting time, (size customization possible for certain items). 😉) ). Others will still be available immediately.
  • In addition to jewelry, small fashion accessories will also be present depending on the moment or the season. And of course Caelina creations (see her conditions with her).
  • A minimum of 8 customers/friends (you + 7 friends) on site will be required to validate a sale. (otherwise the 10% bonus for the organizer risks being lost).
The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 4
Photos from previous sales

An extract from the Heliboo store just for you

Practical questions: A private sale generally takes place in 4 hours (maximum), and can be organized on Friday evening at 6 p.m. (start of the sale). It takes approximately 1 hour for the installation and preparation of the jewelry. Once your guests have arrived, the sale can begin and lasts approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and then you need to allow time for tidying up. It is necessary to provide a large table, a little space, and good lighting.

It’s the big day: You’re impatiently waiting for your friends, the moment of relaxation and reunion has finally arrived. While we take care of setting up the shop, you have nothing to do but take care of your guests and prepare the aperitif or the coffee/tea break, set up a cozy place with chairs and cushions , or why not, in summer, a peaceful place in the garden for a garden party (but in the shade for jewelry and scarves); in short, organize your moment, I will take care of the installation of the store.

The shopping session: Your friends arrive and the session can begin. After a mini introduction and presentation of the store, you will finally be able to discover the little wonders that I offer you. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, candles and other accessories just for you. You can see your current favorites, ask your friends for their opinions,… You can even bring with you an outfit that you would like to pair jewelry with.

The advantage with a Heliboo private sale:

  • Some parts are just on display and there is a small wait time to receive your order, but other parts are available immediately.
  • You will certainly find (depending on the moment) new jewelry that is not, or not yet, available on the eshop. Or, simply unique models.
  • There is a bargain corner and items at low prices. For this part it is therefore a real shopping session. No catalog ordering and long waits. It is possible to treat yourself to a gift directly from old collections and good deals.
  • You can, for certain pieces, request specific sizes. Lengths of bracelets or necklaces, longer extension chains, etc. I will then prepare your personalized order carefully.

And for the organizer: “On the side of Heliboo” Once the sale is over and the last items paid, I calculate the sale of the day and I offer the organizer a purchase value of 10% of the amount total of the sale, to be spent the same day on the Heliboo assortment. For her part, Caelina offers the same advantages. These two advantages cannot of course be transferred from one store to another and cannot be combined. I always advise our hostess to keep and put her favorites aside at the start of the sale at the risk that they will no longer be available at the end. Because yes, there are often exclusive pieces. You will have understood, the more friends you invite, the more you will be rewarded.

The payment system: I have a Bancontact type system to pay for your purchases, from the application on the phone, but also in cash. As these are indeed 2 separate eshops, we plan to create two separate accounts.

Some memories of previous sales

The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 5
The great return of Heliboo private sales - 2024 6

In short

When: Friday evening from 6 p.m. (start of sale)

Where: At home, in the Gembloux region and surrounding areas, Sombreffe and Sambreville.

Conditions: Provide a large table, good lighting and have at least 8 people on site (you + 7 people) to validate the gift for the organizer.

Gift: A purchase value of 10% of the day’s sale will be offered to the organizer, to be spent on site the same day.

Advantages: Some parts will be available right away. A real shopping moment without waiting time. There will be a clearance and good deals corner depending on available stock.

I’m interested, how can I plan a sale?

To schedule a private sale. Contact me to see if this is possible at the location level. Then we plan a date together according to our respective agendas. Once the date is planned, you have a short period of time (which varies depending on the urgency but around a week) to invite your friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Once the number of 7 confirmed guests (minimum) is reached, you contact me again to permanently block the date.