How to know your ring size?

How to know your ring size? 1

It is quite difficult on an online sales site to fall for a pretty ring. Will I choose the right size? The exchange is always possible but certainly quite restrictive and it may be a hindrance for you, behind your screen. So here are some tips to avoid making a mistake.

Measure the diameter of one of your favorite rings.

If you already have a ring that you wear often, measure it. Place your ring on a flat surface and a neutral background so as not to be disturbed by other visual elements and measure its lower diameter. Be careful to measure from one internal edge to the other and not the external diameter. Then refer to the table below to find out your size. For example for a size 48, the lower diameter is 15.29 mm, for a size 54, the lower diameter is 17.20 mm.

You can also print it in real size and place your ring on the sizes drawn below. Right click on the image, save it and then print it in full size. Measuring 5cm below the chart will help you know if the size is right or not.

How to know your ring size? 2

Measure the circumference of your finger.

For this technique, use a tape measure and measure the thickest part of the finger that will wear the ring. Then measure the distance where the two ends meet and refer to the table below. You can also use a string, not elastic, or a strip of paper if you do not have a tape measure. Then cut the string or paper at the right place, and measure. Make sure it is not too tight, you need to be able to pass the ring through.

How to know your ring size? 3

In case of hesitation.

If you are hesitant between 2 sizes, always take the larger one. If you opt for a ring with a wide base, take one size larger than your normal size. Also be careful not to measure your finger in certain weather conditions. Indeed, with the heat it can happen that your fingers swell and the ring will end up becoming too large and rotating, once the temperature returns to normal.

How to know your ring size? 4

Of course, you can also go to a jeweler to have your finger measured and know your definitive size, but you can also do it easily, in the moment, by selecting your favorite online. I hope this little guide will help you, all you have to do is choose. See all rings