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Do you prefer a jewel of better quality and which has a better hold over time? Jewelry that you can wear every day and that resist your daily life?

Of course, you like to follow fashion and new trends, and you appreciate the fact of being able to vary your jewelry and match it to your favorite outfits while being up to date. With costume jewelry it’s easy, there are many choices at lower prices.
But it is also nice to treat yourself to “high-end” jewelry, jewelry that you can wear every day and why not, accessorize with costume jewelry by daring to layer and mix genres.

Gold plated, rhodium silver are considered precious metals and are of higher quality than steel, metal and brass. The prices of these jewels are certainly a little higher, but they have the merit of being able to be worn daily without fear of oxidation, for example, unlike costume jewellery. Even if I always advise to remove your treasures for the shower, the sport and to avoid contact with biting and toxic products such as perfume. They also have more class and a better finish.

The selection of gold-plated and rhodium-plated silver jewelry offered by Heliboo are not creations, but carefully selected favourites. In order to satisfy customers who want to wear jewelry and no longer take it off.
It is certain that we do not always have time to choose the colorful bracelet or the necklace that matches our outfit every morning, and that it is very easy to wear the timeless accessory that matches with everything. With this in mind, you will find earrings and accessories with simple and classic shapes, triangle, circle, heart, crystal,… But also trendy signs such as infinity, feathers, hammered, worked and trendy surfaces.

A jewel is also sometimes a lucky charm! A necklace that was given to us by a loved one and that we want to keep with us as much as possible. A lucky charm to face the trials of life, or simply the memory of a beautiful moment. It is in the gold-plated and rhodium-plated silver category that you will find what you are looking for.
Heliboo is essentially a costume jewelry site, but it is also important to devote a category to so-called “high-end” jewelry. The assortment is not yet very extensive, but there are still attractive proposals for adults and youngsters.

Finally, choosing a first jewel for your daughter is also important and that is why in the children’s category, there are almost only earrings, bracelets and necklaces in rhodium silver and gold plated. Your princess will certainly find what she’s looking for among the varied patterns, ladybugs, little fish, cool clouds, little hearts, colored crystals… all while remaining of high quality.

All compete in finesse and elegance. What to seduce you, at very low prices!

Gold and silver plated

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