Here you will find accessories for your hair, clips and scrunchies.

Long considered an old-fashioned accessory, the darling is gradually returning to center stage, and its new followers are numerous.

And for good reason… In fabric, velvet, silk, blue, pink, sequined and patterned, the scrunchie comes in many forms and has become an IN-CON-TOUR-NABLE retro accessory to complete your style.
How to wear it?
For a rather discreet and classic look, to wear on a daily basis, favor the tail, the braid or the low bun. Thus placed just behind the neck, your darling will bring a note of originality, just what is needed, without too much extravagance. Do you like the romantic style, gently and poetically? Then the white scrunchie, fresh and refined, is made for you!

For a more sophisticated look, opt for the ponytail or the half-up bun. Do you want an elegant, strict hairstyle, in working girl mode to go to work? The chignon bun and the pulled, smooth ponytail, embellished with a pretty colored scrunchie, for the fancy touch, will do the trick perfectly. Do you want a bohemian style, styled and disheveled? Then favor the “fuzzy” tail, the “loose” bun, worked under nonchalant airs. With beautiful toned curls or a pretty wavy “back from the beach” effect, your darling will be enhanced and will perfectly highlight the lightness of your style.
If your mane allows it, the half-tail also proves to be an excellent alternative.

For a more assertive style, dare the tail, half-tail or very high half-bun. The darling thus placed on the top of your head, you will show off a vintage, baby doll, feminine look. However, beware of the shaggy effect! If you don’t have long enough hair, the pretty palm tree can quickly give the unwanted effect of Indian feathers…Hugh!

And for even more originality, you can also wear the scrunchie… as a bracelet! Yes yes ! When we tell you that it has become the number one accessory…

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