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Natural and semi-precious stones.
Elegant and colorful, stones not only bring a bohemian, ethnic and summery touch to your look, thus constituting a real style asset on a daily basis, but also certain unsuspected benefits…
(Super)natural powers
Lithotherapy is in fact a soft medicine, unconventional, which seeks to heal through crystals (precious or semi-precious stones). The principle of this practice is therefore based on the use of the energies contained in the stones to heal. Indeed, according to some, everything, animated or not, would be endowed with energy. The idea proposed by lithotherapy is therefore to use crystals that naturally emit a singular “resonance” or “vibration” to improve the well-being of the person in contact with it.

Some adhere to it 100%, others find it far too spiritual for their taste.

But whether you believe it or not, knowing the meaning and the presumed power of the stones remains a way that is certainly original, but oh so effective to guide you in your choice of stones and best complete your look!

Jade, for example, represents honesty and justice. A symbol of purity and serenity, jade jewellery, thanks to the translucent appearance of certain stones, the marbled and worked effect of others, will perfectly accessorize a white and fluid top, bringing a wise touch to your summer look. Femininity assured on a daily basis!

Onyx, this magnificent stone, black or white, is a symbol of strength and self-control. Promoting self-confidence, it is ideal for completing chic, strict looks, for going to work (may the strength of the working girl be with you) or more glamorous evening outfits (and presto, a little touch of thumb seduction!)

Want calm and lightness? Then opt for amazonite! Symbol of serenity, this stone has the power to soothe tensions and attract positive and friendship. Nothing beats wearing a piece set with this pale-colored stone to go to a garden party with friends, in a light and colorful outfit!

Need tenderness? Rose quartz, the stone of love par excellence, is made for you! Directly linked to the heart, quartz, a soft and translucent stone, will bring purity and femininity to your outfit. So dare the pretty bracelet or the quartz pendant for a successful romantic evening!

Ultra-trendy natural looks
The power of stones is good, but you, what you like are raw materials.

Opt for natural stones!

Full of pep, these asymmetrical stones will bring an assumed and original side to your look. Red, blue, green… these stones in bright, shimmering colors, like those in the Pixy earrings, will delight lovers of natural, trendy and girly styles.