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Jewelry is an essentially feminine story from an early age.
What little girl hasn’t borrowed her mom’s jewelry to look like her or play the princess? Thinking about this, Heliboo decided to add a children’s category to its store. You will now be able to visit the site together online and share this moment of discovery with your little wife, for your greatest pleasure for both of you.

And as for the big ones, Heliboo has chosen to offer young ladies a choice of pretty bracelets, necklaces, earrings adapted to their age.
You will find fine bracelets in stainless steel or even in silver, cat, penguin, moon, shooting star, crystal pearl, enough to make your little girl’s eyes sparkle.
As far as necklaces are concerned, if the choice is not yet very vast and only asks to grow, it is however of high quality since all those offered are in silver adorned with an animal pendant, ladybug, teddy bear, elephant.
In the earrings section, Heliboo has selected for the youngest mainly chips of all kinds, small boats, glasses, hearts, stars, cats, ladybugs, in steel or silver or even gold plated and all anti -allergic. Presented by our pretty model, Camille, there will certainly be a pair that will make you fall in love.

You should also know that some jewelry presented in the general store can be perfectly suitable for the youngest and conversely some offered in the children’s store can be worn perfectly by older children.
And as these young ladies are very attentive to their look, Heliboo has unearthed them, in order to enhance their hairstyle, pretty ladybug hair clips, cherries… to choose from.

Finally, the final touch, and since little girls love to be in the latest fashion, Heliboo has created two pretty temporary tattoos for them to wear on sunny days: one is a pretty pink flamingo, the Heliboo logo and the other a very beautiful golden pineapple.