Card to plant – Hello


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A message, a postcard, zero waste.

And if you accompany your parcels with a plantable card? The little extra? This card has been printed on recycled paper seeded with a mix of wildflowers for bees and butterflies. The back is left empty to write your message.

Format : 10,5 x 15 cm (delivered with a kraft envelope)

How to use it to grow your mix?

Step 1 – Moisten (a lot) your map, this will allow the paper to dissolve properly once in the ground to release the seeds.

Step 2 – Place your paper in the ground or inside in a pot and a place bathed in light. Preferably use a potting soil. For the bees and butterflies mix, it is best to plant it between March and May if you are planting your card outdoors, and indoors from March.

Step 3 – Cover your map with 1 to 1.5 cm of soil.

Step 4 – Water evenly and every day for the first week, then more widely. Let time and light do its job and the first seeds will start to sprout after one to two weeks.

Be careful not to let the paper dry out, otherwise your seeds will not be able to germinate, or the opposite, not to drown the seeds.

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